Sunday, December 20, 2020

Thinking Outside The Box - Post Card Swap - Postmark by January 25th

by hhc - Collage

Over the past two months I received similar comments in swap mailings from three different participants:  "I'm thinking outside the box."  

This seemed significant because I had previously been considering putting together a group swap theme called "Thinking Outside The Box."  So, taking that as a sign, here it is.

The term "Thinking Outside The Box" may mean to think in a different way- creatively, prompted by a new perspective, or unconventionally.  As artists this should be easy, as we often "see" things differently than others do.

So, you could take the theme figuratively, like trying something unfamiliar or challenging, or, you could illustrate it literally (as in the image at the top of this description).

The example below used a horizontal stripe made by acrylic paint on Deli Wax Paper (Gelli Plate Printing) as an abstract bridge in the sky, complete with spectators.

By hhc - Acrylic paint on Deli Wax Paper  over collage

Your art may be collaged, painted, inked, drawn, etc. - your choice of medium(s) and technique(s)

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