Friday, May 15, 2020

Another Decorative Napkin Post Card Swap - Postmark by June 8th

Layered collage by hhc

Here's a reprise of a fun swap  we had in 2018.  If you've been invited to a party, a "tea" or any gathering that revolves around food, you may have picked up an interesting paper napkin from the table.  There are so many beautiful designs as well as abstract patterns in the (usually) two-layered napkins.

For this swap, participants may use decorative napkins for backgrounds, or use cut-out elements as a major part of your art post card(s). 

You may add other elements, accent or outline shapes, add text or more color, etc. but let's keep the main focus on the decorated napkin design.

Napkin background, by hhc
I found that, if I carefully peel apart the delicate layers  first, then coat my base (card stock) with matte gel medium, ease the thin decorated top layer onto this wet surface and pat it to help it adhere, let it dry, then coat again with matte gel medium as a top coat, this is easier than any other method I've tried. (A thin layer of white glue might work as well...)

Sometimes it is as daunting as trying to relocate a spider web.  Feel free to share other techniques that work well for you.  (One option might be careful application of iron-on adhesive sheets.) 

Layered collage by hhc

by hhc

Layered napkins, pen outlines, by hhc
Put your card(s) (and labels and postage)
in an envelope 
and get them postmarked 
by June 8th

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