Monday, April 20, 2020

Defining Postal Regulations

Sometimes it seems like the postal restrictions and requirements are burdensome (or cumbersome- and often changing), but since we do so much mailing of various sizes of mail, it's good too know what is expected of us, and how to facilitate the safe/timely delivery of our wonderful mail art.

I just paid $3.50 to bail out a brown Kraft envelope with art in it, being held behind the postal counter.  My friend the postmistress was surprised that the envelope, which only had one 55-cent First Class Stamp on it, had arrived and wasn't returned to sender with the rubber stamped message "Suspicious Mail."

This is what the pertinent US Postal sticker/label above says:

We regret to inform you that your mail was not collected or is being returned to you due to heightened security concerns.
The following must be presented by the customer to a retail service associate at a Post Office location for shipment:

  • Any mailpiece over one-half inch thick that uses POSTAGE STAMPS
  • Any mailpiece that weighs more than 10 oz. and uses POSTAGE STAMPS
  • Any mailpiece with a customs declaration form that was not completed and submitted online
  • Any mailpiece that requires a customs declaration form and uses POSTAGE STAMPS                                                     DDD2 September 2019

Useful information?

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