Sunday, April 19, 2020

An Encouraging Quote:

I don't usually quote from other people, but this seemed so relevant to the times in which we find ourselves: 

"Excerpt from "Emma"—Autumn de Wilde’s luscious film adaptation of the 1815 Jane Austen novel

"And of course I am worrying about people’s health. But the one positive is having the time to daydream. As an artist, you have to really defend that time and take it seriously as part of your work. Some of my better ideas come from those times when I was staring at the ceiling. Every time there’s a terrible experience, if you’re an artist I think your mind tends to wander toward where you would rather be, and that’s where a lot of great ideas are born. I am looking forward to seeing what people do after this. Because that is your imagination, and that is really powerful."


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Anonymous said...

I have problems here, as well. Either I get booted off a site with no warning, or, when I click on a link, that horrid page that says basically that " cain't git theyah frum heah" comes up. One problem, and it may not have anything at all to do with what you're talking about, Honi, is that the internet is absolutely overwhelmed right now: More people are working from home, more people are just home and using the computer more, and now, of course, thousands of kids are using the computer for their home-schooling. So, yup, the internet has problems.


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