Sunday, March 29, 2020

Processing the ARTICULATED DOLLS Swap

Hello All, 

I waited an extra week for art to arrive and it was a good thing I did.  One of the Bunnies had forgotten its carrot and hippity-hopped back home.

Meanwhile, Bonnie Ballerina decided to participate in a dance recital.  Chambermaid Chimp took on extra cleaning jobs away from home.  Gardener Gisela planted seeds in paper cups on the window sill.  

The Clever Cats escaped, sharpened their claws on the porch railings, and started chasing the Racing Rabbits who were having a romp in the yard.  I tried to corral them because, as we all know, rabbits on the loose tend to have more rabbits.  

The Beautiful Birds heard some north-bound Canada geese honking loudly overhead, and flew off into the treetops.  I knew it was going to be difficult getting them back in their envelopes in time for the swap closure.  

Milly the Mermaid was missing the ocean and somehow slithered to the nearby creek for a swim.  She is currently sitting on a rock in the sun, combing her long blue hair.  

Safari Sam marched bravely into the woods looking for mountain lions (and you know what?  He might find one!).  Skelly Bones just wanted to hide out in a closet.  And Cupcake Cate is finishing off her pastry before the big mail-out so the frosting doesn't get smooshed in transit. 

I will post a message to the Comments page to let you know when your wonderful swap art is in the mail.  Thanks to all who creatively participated in this swap.  Honi

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