Saturday, March 14, 2020

COLOR-SCRAPE Post Card Swap - Postmark by April 6th

For this group swap you will need liquid or tube acrylic paints to start with.  (I don't know if inks would dry slowly enough to "move."  I do not recommend oil or water color paints for this swap.  But feel free to experiment with media...) 

NOTE:  I got a great "Scrape" with food coloring gel - but - weeks later, the samples are still sticky and stuck to each other, ripping when pulled apart.  Ugh. 

Participants:  make 1 - 4 Post Cards to be distributed by your swap host.

1.  First, lay down a thin line of paint or a line of paint drops in ONE color about 1/4" in from one of the edges of your sturdy paper, photo paper or card stock.  Don't start your drips too close to the bottom or top, leave some space.

2.  Using a straight edge (like an old credit card, narrow squeegee or stiff piece of cardboard), start at the edge of the the line of paint drips and, using steady pressure, scrape the color to make a path across your background.  It could be a straight path, an arc or a squiggle.  You can go left-to-right or right-to-left...

acrylic paint on glossy photo paper 

(You might want to practice this a few times to see how to get a uniform layer of paint, and to find out how much paint needs to be dripped on the paper to give you the end results you want.) 

Let it dry.

3.  Next, print out or write a short message, poem or saying on a rectangle of paper, or cut out a section of text about 3/4"  x  2" from an old book.  You can also rubber stamp a saying or phrase.

4.  Once the paint has dried, glue this rectangle along the bottom edge of your post card, below the paint path.

5.  To finish your design, use a black felt-tip marker, black crayon, black paint with paintbrush, or a rubber stamp to add a large symbol OR letter OR scribble word OR other image over the color- scrape and above the printed-out text.

(CAUTION:  I have found that Sharpie pens dry up when I try to use them over acrylic paint...)  

This letter, symbol or image could relate to the text, or not.  For example, if your poem, saying, or section of text was about trees, you could sketch a tree, or rubber stamp a tree image.

You may initial your work and also scuff the edges of your post card using an ink pad or marker. 

1.  paint scrape
2.  section of text
3.  black image or symbol or letter
4. initial your art and/or scuff edges

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