Monday, December 2, 2019

WHITE-ON-WHITE TEXTURE Artist Trading Cards Swap - Postmark by December 23rd

Moulding paste through stencil,
Mother-of-Pearl buttons

As Winter moves in ahead of the calendar, many of us in North America are seeing white.  Shoveling white.  Driving through white.  Shivering in white.  Let's make some White-on-White art. 

(Yes, we had a White swap last winter, but for those who were asking for a "Snowflakes" swap, you can make it happen here :)   

I promise I'm already preparing a more colorful swap theme for a future exchange.   

Sheet rock tape, Mother-of-Pearl button

My method, for example:  Starting with two full-sheet cardstock papers, I painted the backgrounds for these samples using white, off-white and light gray acrylic paints and pearl paint After they dried I cut the sheets into 2+1/2" x 3+1/2" rectangles to make Artists' Trading Cards and finished decorating them.  

Magic Mesh, moulding paste through
stencil, Mother-of-pearl buttons

Your ATC's may be made individually if you prefer.  Your art may be oriented either horizontally or vertically.

Please limit your color choices to shades of white and light gray. Think "white-out" and "snow storm."  

Define your design with TEXTURE.  Some possible materials/media to consider:  moulding paste, low profile seed beads and buttons, ephemera, mesh/netting/ gauze, tissue paper, fibers/ribbon, scrapbooking findings, etc.
seashells and gauze "netting"

You could cover your ATC surface with shapes and textures and then- paint the whole textured surface white.  

Be sure to include your name and contact information on the back of each piece of art so that your recipient may acknowledge receiving your wonderful creation.

Make 1 - 4 Artist Trading Cards to exchange with your designated swap partners.  Mail in before the holidays.  Receive your exchanged art at the beginning of the New Year.
grommets, sheet rock seam tape 

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