Tuesday, July 2, 2019

JUST INK Post Card Swap - Postmark by July 22nd

Beau- Pen and Ink
Here is a medium-specific swap to switch things up a bit.  You may use various types of inks, but please limit yourself to inks only, not  paints, not crayons, not pencils, no added embellishments.

Participants may make 1 - 4 post cards to be exchanged with  designated swap partners.  Please list/describe your media/method on the writing side of your post card(s).

***** Our illustrious guest host is Beau, and she is very eager to see your designs as they arrive at her address (provided below).  She will process this exchange and mail out your art about 2 weeks after the mail-in date.

Some options to consider:

fountain pens
Sharpies, Staedtler pens, Microns, etc.
alcohol inks
rubber stamp ink
Straw-blown Alcohol Ink on glossy photo paper,
rubber stamped bee images (HHC)
India ink

Technique ideas may include:

drip ink
spattered ink
straw-blown ink
daubing with an applicator
spray inks

Beau- Pen Drawing

Please use Beau's email address if you have any specific questions regarding this swap.
Dripped Alcohol Inks combed with tool over coated junk mail (HHC)

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