Friday, April 12, 2019

TRIPTYCH Swap - Postmark by May 6th

*The Cambridge English Dictionary defines a "Triptych" as one piece of art consisting of three paintings connected in a way that the outer two pieces can fold inward toward the central one that is larger.  Many examples may be viewed with a Google search for Triptych images.
Three separate pieces before being attached with Washi Tape
*Webster's New World Dictionary describes it as a group of three panels with pictures which may be hinged.
Collage over Acrylic Paints

Top view of folded Triptych

One piece tri-fold (junk mail) base with collage over alcohol inks background
We're going to broaden the options to include a tri-fold piece of art (easy to display) featuring related styles, subjects or images.  (Thanks to G.M-M. for the idea!)  All three may portray a continuation of a theme or scene.  

You could make three separate same-sized pieces, then attach one on each side of the central panel with Washi Tape.  
3 pieces junk mail (back of Triptych) attached with Washi Tape
Or you could make one large central panel and then two narrower side panels that are only 1/2 the width of the central one, so that when you fold the side panels inward, their outer edges meet each other over the middle of the central piece which is behind them, as shutters fold in over a window.  (Some greeting cards do this.)   Or they can overlap each other.

Whatever your approach, I do suggest that all three parts of your art be attached in some way rather than separate, and that the theme/design on all three pieces be related to give continuity. 

Media/techniques may include paint, ink, marker, rubber stamping, stitching, (light collage) etc.

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