Thursday, February 7, 2019

Winter Whites Artist Trading Cards - Postmark by February 25th

Maybe if we have a "Winter White swap" now, the snow will melt earlier?  One can hope...
Some definitions of "white" from a Merriam-Webster dictionary include "free from color... light... lustrous.... unmarked by writing or printing..."

On August 18, 2015 Karen hosted a "Winter White Sparkles" post card swap and on July 27, 2017 we had a "White On White Textures" post card swap.

This time we will use a smaller format for those who enjoy making and collecting Artist Trading Cards.

The size format is 3+1/2" x 2+1/2" and it may be oriented either horizontally or vertically.
Use only white items to create layers.  
There are slight shades of white, 
whether soft-white, bright white, 
or off-white, etc. 
(Just check out the paint chips at 
your nearby hardware store!) 
Please limit all of the elements on your
Artist Trading Cards to white.
A layered effect with various media
will make it more interesting.
So paint, collage, emboss, spray, sculpt, texture!

Some ideas to get you started:
acrylic paint, White-Out, paint pen
molding paste, spackle, stucco paint
Magic Mesh
cheesecloth, gauze
seam tape
paper doilies
painted leaves
white tape (no designs)
3-ring reinforcement circles
textured papers, torn, or small, flat folds
paper hole-punch-outs
plain white tissue paper, napkins, paper towels
small feathers (secure very well!!!)
eggshell bits (ditto)
sample/paint chips
threads, string, ribbon
white pencil, chalk, crayon

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Gaye Miller said...

Hi...I have this swap in progress. Hope to have 4 to send. I just recently discovered your blog in my search for some Mail Art/Happy Mail. Love the inspiration I've found here. I greatly enjoy sending out and receiving mail art.

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