Saturday, November 24, 2018

Wavy Stripes Post Card Swap - Postmark by December 24th

Comb tool pulled through acrylic paint on Gelli Plate
Here is a variation of a "Stripes" group swap.  The twist?  Wavy Stripes.  (An online search for Wavy Lines images will give you lots of ideas.)   Think of ribbon candy!

You have various pattern/ design options: 
narrow or wide stripes, criss-crossing stripes,
interrupted stripes, etc.

and many technique/ media options:  Paint, draw/sketch, collage (cut-outs), ink, crayon, colored pencil, etc.

Use any background you like, and feel free to add other images or design accents to your Wavy Stripes art.

Make 1 - 4 post cards to be exchanged with designated swap partners.  Have fun!

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