Thursday, November 1, 2018

Transparent Layers - Post Card Swap - Postmark by Monday, November 19th

Hexagon pattern clear label sheet, over combed alcohol ink background,
Paint brush stickers, bear image sticker,
Rubber stamped script writing on cellophane top layer,
Machine stitching
This is round #2 of a swap our founder, Karen, initiated on March 7, 2014.  Here's the link:  Transparent Layers

Find some materials that are transparent/clear.  Add some type of image, mark or pattern to it.  Use transparent layers on top of other layers.  You may use as many transparent layers as you want, with a minimum of two.  Any background is allowed. A card stock base will give some stability for mailing.  Make sure that some part of your first/bottom layer shows through your transparent layers. 

Spectators clear label, over beach scene clear label sheet,
over Gelli Plate print background
NOTE:  Please use an adhesive that will hold plastic layers together, OR, stitch through all of your layers.
Adhesive possibilities might include double stick tape, vellum/ sticky tabs, stitching, maybe craft glue?

Some possibilities to use for your transparent layers:
  • an actual transparency sheet
  • the see-through window from a food packaging box (like a pasta box)
  • the clear plastic window from a business envelope
  • clear contact paper
  • clear label sheets
  • packaging tape
  • cellophane
  • see-through candy wrapper
  • clear plastic bag
  • page protector
  • plastic food wrap
    Three layers of ship images on clear label sheets
Ways you could add marks/images to your transparent layer:
  • run a full lable sheet (CAREFULLY) through a printer or photocopier (You may need to secure the top with tape or stitching to a paper backing while you attempt this feat)
  • stamp it with rubber stamps/ink or found objects 
  • write, doodle or draw on it with permanent marker
  • paint images on it
  • alcohol ink, or permanent marker (maybe Asemic writing?)
  • do a packing tape image transfer  (see tutorials on Google and check under Tidbits & Techniques Tab above) by "lifting" an acrylic paint design off of a Gelli Plate Printer with clear tape  
    Clear scientific-image label sheet, over packaging tape image transfer,
    over Gelli Plate print background
The idea is to adhere at least two physical layers to your background.  The images on the transparent layers will give your piece a wonderful depth.  

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