Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Art of "Thanks"

Bromeliad in Utah
When I wandered onto the Mail Me Some Art blogsite in 2012, it was the beginning of a wonderful, inspiring adventure.  Receiving mail art from other artists made me, and my mailbox, VERY happy, and it still does.  

I was brought up to say "Please" and "Thank-you" but find myself becoming lax in using polite responses, and this bothers me.  So I'm working on it.

In the almost seven years that I have been sending out mail art, I have seldom heard back from the recipients.  (My email address is on the CONTACT ME page.)

Realizing that many of our participants would be glad to know that their mail art arrived safely and was appreciated, I thought I'd post this friendly little reminder of how much it means to be contacted.  It especially encourages the newer participants.

There are three ways to let your swap partner know that you have received her/his art: 

1.  Send an artful response through the postal system
2.  Zip off a quick email
3.  Post a message on our RECEIVED/MESSAGES/COMMENTS page (see tab at top of Home Page).

I hope many will consider using one of these methods to set their mail art partners' minds at ease and to brighten their days.  It also helps to build friendships.

A heart-felt "THANK-YOU!" to all who make this site, and this group, such a special place to participate and create.

Your Happy Swap Moderator,  Honi

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