Monday, July 16, 2018

Decorative Paper Napkins Post Card Swap - Postmark by Monday, August 13th

Sample by Doris
How many of us have picked up a party napkin and brought it home thinking we might use it for something... or purchased a package of fancy paper napkins on sale?  Do you have a stash?  If so, this is the swap for you.  Doris has volunteered to be our swap host, giving us a chance to put part of our lovely fancy paper napkins to good use.
Sample by Doris

Handling ideas:  Carefully peel the layers apart from one corner or edge so that you are working with the decorated layer.  (Pick at it with a pin?)  It takes patience to handle this fragile thin paper as you apply it to regular card stock as a background.

Adhesive options:  white glue, Mod Podge, matte or glossy gel medium.  (Allow to dry thoroughly before mailing to Doris.)
Sample by Doris

Possibilities:  outline design details, add paint or ink or rubber stamped elements, collage on top of the napkin design, combine parts from different napkins, etc.
Sample by Doris

Make 1 - 4 pieces to exchange with assigned swap partners.


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful. Are all parts napkins?
Kathie Mc

KR said...

Hi Kathie, As far as I know, Doris covered the whole background of each sample with a decorative napkin, but you could use parts or overlap layers. Honi

KR said...

TRY THIS: I found that, if I carefully peel the layers apart first, then coat my base (card stock) with matte gel medium, and ease the thin top layer onto this and pat it to help it adhere, then coat again with matte gel medium as a top coat, this is easier than any other method I've tried. Honi

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