Friday, June 22, 2018

A Touch Of Gold Post Card Swap - Postmark by Monday, July 16th

Gold paint, metallic trim, gold paint marker punch-out's,
sheet rock seam tape, stencil
A metallic glint can introduce an element of glamour and surprise.  Whether it's a hint or an overall see-through sheen, there's something special about a touch of gold.  
Bubble wrap, stencil, sheet rock seam tape punch-outs, Washi tape

There are many ways to bring some "gold" into your art:

Gold Leaf
Rubber Stamp Ink, Embossing Powder
Spray Paint, Acrylics, Nail Polish
Washi Tape
Gold Foil
Gold Tissue Paper
Gold Lame
Gold threads/ribbon/filament
Acrylic paint and paint markers

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