Monday, May 7, 2018

Repetitions Post Card Swap - Send by Wednesday, May 30th

A repeat of trees...
June 3rd is designated "National Repeat Day."  You can say that again, smiles.   A previous "Repetitions" swap ws in 2016.  

Participants:  for this swap, challenge yourself to include repetitions of designs/ images/ elements/shapes/words/numbers or colors (your choice) for each card you make, with at least three obvious repetitions for each card.  

(You may incorporate different sets of repetitions for each separate card, of course.)  Repeats don't have to be identical or the same size, they just need to be recognizable as repeats of the same design, element, etc.
The post card to the left has square shapes repeated, circles repeated, swirls repeated, gold repeats, various pink repeats and also dot patterns repeated, all in one card.

And to the right, a repeat of color squares and orangesicles, just in time for summertime refreshment.

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