Thursday, February 22, 2018

String Of Beads Post Card Swap - Postmark by March 26th

R&W tissue paper pre-coated with Gloss Medium Gel.
Black punch-outs coated later with Glossy Accents.
For this post card swap we can all be jewelry designers.  I might encourage you to either paint or draw your art to represent beads on a string or chain, but if you opt to use collage, PLEASE keep your pieces as flat as possible.  

For these samples I tried several finishes to make paper (collage) appear 3-D and shiny:  Glossy Accents, Gloss Gel Medium, and colored finger nail polish (enamel).  Clear nail polish might work well, too.
Pink nail polish over punch-outs from painted paper (see pink painted
paper in the background)... Glossy Accents over black "beads"
Another possibility would be using an embossing marker (or ink pad) to cover your bead images and then sprinkling with clear embossing power and activating with heat.

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