Sunday, November 26, 2017

Papers, Papers, Papers! Collage Contest - Postmark by January 29th

Here is a challenge for those who like to make collage:  use as many different types of paper as you can while designing each post card you make, from one to four total, and on the back of each one, list your materials used.

Whoever uses the most different types of paper on his/her swap piece will win a small prize from your swap host.  ***If you do not list your materials used, you will not be eligible to win.***

(I hope to make cards to swap but will not participate in the contest.)  If there is more than one winner, an impartial person (a post office employee?) will "draw one name out of a hat."  The winner will be announced in 2018 after the swap is completed.  The "ties" will also be mentioned.

Some possibilities for starters:

Deli waxed paper
paper towel
hand-made paper
typing paper
construction paper
watercolor paper
tissue paper
Kraft paper
label paper
onion skin paper
graph paper
notebook paper
ledger paper
tracing paper
parchment paper
freezer paper
waxed paper
wrapping paper
sand paper (?)

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