Friday, October 27, 2017

Resist It! Technique Post Card Swap - Send by December 4th

Frayed jute/twine on Gelli plate
"Resist" technique is a way to make a pattern by using something to interfere with a medium (paint, ink, etc.)  Here is a partial list of materials you can use to "block" a medium and make patterns: 
Rubber Cement Resist and Watercolors

  • string and rubber bands
  • frayed brown jute/twine (messy but fun)
  • torn (or cut) paper strips or shapes
  • doilies/lace
  • drizzled (and later removed) rubber cement (works great with watercolors)
  • masque liquid
  • metal hardware cloth
  • other found items
  • crayon or candle wax
  • Frayed jute/twine on Gelli plate
  • etc.
torn paper resist on Gelli plate

Let's save stencil techniques for another swap.

Your design will involve finding a way to block part of the medium you use for your background, and then you can add details (drawn lines, minimal collage, over-stamping, etc.) if you want to.  

THEME:  Block/resist with various objects
MEDIA:  paints (acrylic, watercolor, spray), ink, crayon, etc.
TECHNIQUE:  spray, rub, brush, drizzle,  brayer, fold, etc.
Paints may be added over a resist on a Gelli Plate or applied with brushes, fingers, sponges, etc.

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