Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hand-Made Decorated Envelopes Swap - Send by October 16th

Gelli plate & stencil, Washi tape, rubber stamps and stickers - hhc
We haven't had an envelope exchange in a while. Participants will actually make (construct) FOUR envelopes out of whatever sturdy paper you want to use, and then decorate them as you wish. Phillip is hosting this swap.
Acrylic paint on brown packing paper,
rubber stamps, stencils, sewn edges - hhc
(It's fine to make a template or pattern from a commercially-manufactured envelope, if you want to trace around one.)  Size limits are listed below:  not too small, not too large. 
Acrylic paints, stencils, rubber stamps, Washi tape - hhc

Smooshed acrylic paint, stencil, rubber stamp - hhc 


FinnBadger said...

If you want an easy way to identify yourself to the recipients of your envelopes, just include a small note with your name and address or email on for each envelope that you send in for the swap.

Glo said...

My friend and mentor LorriMarie just posted this tutorial for an envelope which can be very useful for this swap!

twosonsmom said...

I wanted to inquire from LorriMarie about sending me a template for her envelopes. Do you have an email for her? I tried to leave her a comment on her utube video, but it wouldn't let me. Thanks!

Jan Hodgman said...

It's on the notes on the YouTube video:

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