Monday, June 12, 2017

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAKE! Post Card Swap - Send by July 10th

Sketch, permanent markers, watercolor pencils, rubber stamps
According to the archives, 
the first recorded MMSA mail art swap 
was dated June 15, 2012.  
Karen Isaacson started something really wonderful 
when she put this blog site together.
(Her email address is listed on the
"Contact Me" page
if anyone wants to thank her personally.)  

It has been an amazing journey with so much art 
being created and then- sent around the world.

Patterned tissue paper, scrapbook papers, permanent markers, sticker, gloss accent
To celebrate the founding of MMSA, 
let's make some Birthday Cake art.  
I also want to do this because 
we don't know every participant's birthday, 
and I'm sure someone has a June, July, or August birthday... 
So- it can be like celebrating everyone's birthday 
all at once.

You may use any technique or media to 
represent either a whole cake or a slice of cake.  
(Let's save cupcakes for another swap.) 
Suggestions:  write a note to the recipient,
whoever that might turn out to be...
Why not make up some extra's to keep on hand?
Above all, have fun!   

Art/design style/media/techniques are open 
to your interpretation, i.e. collage, paint, 
sketch, etc.

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