Monday, May 1, 2017

Citrus Blast Post Card Swap - Send by June 12th

Collage on Acrylic Paint background
Anticipating hot summer days, let's design some mail art combining these three colors:  Lemon Yellow, Bright Orange, and Lime Green.  Media/techniques may include paint, ink, collage, digital, mixed.
Alcohol Inks
THEME:  Citrus colors
MEDIA:  Ink, paint, etc.
TECHNIQUE:  paint, collage, digital, mixed, etc.
SIZE PARAMETERS:  Post Card 6" x 4+1/2" maximum


Jan Hodgman said...

O shoot, missed this one! Ah well, more great swaps to come.

Jan Hodgman said...

Well, still sorry I missed it, but it sounds like it's huge enough! I'll get my sewing hat on and go for the next deadline!

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