Sunday, April 2, 2017

Decorated Papers Exchange - Send Out by May 22nd

shaving creme marbleizing

paint and rubber stamping

Several people have expressed an interest in repeating the Painted Papers swaps we have had in the past.  How we love pretty papers!  I would like to expand the possible media options to allow paint, ink, "paste papers" (Check Internet for some fascinating YouTube demonstrations.), stenciling, marbleizing, rubber stamping. 
Make FIVE lovely full-sheet background papers to share.

Stenciled:  ignore the holes 

Size:  8+1/2" x 11" mailed flat (not folded) in large Kraft or manilla envelope with a self-addressed large  envelope (folded once) inside. 
Your mailing will go as a "FLAT." (See your friendly postal clerk for proper postage.)
Stipulations:  NO digital, NO stickers, NO glitter... We are aiming for original, relatively flat background pieces.  
VERY IMPORTANT:  PLEASE!!! include your name, address, possibly also email address, on the BACK of each paper near an edge.


Patti said...

I have a question. Just to clarify, is a Kraft envelope the same as a large flat Manilla envelope? Thanks.

KR said...

Hi Patti, I suppose either will do. The main thing is that your decorated papers will fit in the envelope(s) without having to fold them. Have fun! Honi

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