Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Quilt Design (Post Card) Swap - Send by April 24th

Doris made up these sample "Quilt" post cards with paper pieces glued down on a background to create a pattern or design.  "Pen-stitches" with a marking pen were added to suggest thread being sewn by hand.  A white or black pen or other colors would be equally appropriate.

For this group swap, first choice is paper, but those with a fabric stash may cut material pieces and glue them on.  That is, unless you want to top-stitch raw edges through a paper backing.   Let's avoid lumpy "seams" which might require "non-machinable" postage to send each card.

Larger fabric pieces can be ironed onto a two-sided
heat-bondable backing like Steam-A-Seam 2
or Heat n' Bond.  Leaving the protective backing 
paper attached, cut out large piece, then cut out 
smaller shapes like squares, triangles, applique details, etc.
Peel off the protective backing.
Arrange your pieces in the Quilt Design pattern you want
on some card stock backing.
Then cover with a Teflon ironing sheet or parchment
paper and gently press with a low heat setting 
to adhere your fabric to the post card base/backing.
We don't want to get melty goo on the iron plate, and
we don't want to burn the post card paper backing
underneath the fabric.  
Voila, no glue OR sewing required, 
and maybe (?) not even any sealant.  
Pen stitching might work on this. 

Suggested Designs:  Pieced, Appliqued, etc.

 Gel medium or Golden Acrylic gloss glazing liquid
to seal your finished pieces so they don't
peel off in transit.  Thanks.

THEME:  Traditional or Abstract Quilt Design
MEDIA:  Paper or fabric
TECHNIQUE:  Glue pieces down, use ink to pen-stitch a quilting design, OR, top stitch fabric along raw edges with thread 
SIZE PARAMETERS:  6" x 4+1/2" *
  • sufficient postage for each piece you send
  • address labels for each piece you send
  • waxed paper between pieces
  • suggested- tape on four edges of your envelope

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