Saturday, March 11, 2017

Here Comes The Sun (Post Card) Swap - Send by May 1st

Brighten your art day by creating a postcard with an imaginative sun theme. All forms/styles welcomed. However, if you're going to print out a digital image of your sun creation, why not add some embellishments using ink, stamps, markers, collage, paint, glitter, nail polish. (Yes nail polish! Have you tried it?)

 On the message side, write a short note:  tools used, techniques, quotes, musings, etc. Tell us where your sun is mailed from or remember to add your return address. Please!!!

THEME:  Stylized Sun
MEDIA:  Paint, Ink, Pencil, Markers, Stickers, Collage, etc.
TECHNIQUE:  Your choice or combinations
SIZE PARAMETERS:  6" x 4+1/2"

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