Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloween part 3

One from Colleen:

Three from Doris:

Four from Ellen:

Two from Eric:

One from Heidi:

Four from Kathie:

One from Marieanne:

Four from Sarah:


karenm said...

All of these Halloween cards are so much fun! Ellen's drawing of the owl in a tree and Eric's collages are especially wonderful and well-balanced. Is Marieanne's card a watercolor? It is lovely! Thank you for posting the images.

FinnBadger said...

Yes, Karen, Marieanne's (and Heidi's) are lovely watercolors. And that card from Ellen was one of my personal favorites.

Thanks to all the participants - it was so much fun to receive all the creative cards and swap them. They were sent in the mail in the latter part of last week.

Thanks also for all the wonderful envelopes and bonus cards, stamps and bits and pieces - much appreciated.


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