Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Special 88th Birthday MailArt request from GinaVisione

See below for a mail art call from frequent MMSA swapper, Gina Visione!
Hi Wonderful MMSA MailArtists -
Could I enlist your wonderful MailArt assistance to send birthday wishes to my papa for his 88th birthday? He loves sending/receiving mail & MailArt, and was even displayed the San Francisco "Ex Postal Facto" exhibit in 2014! 
I'm hoping to make this a very special treat, with a goal of AT LEAST 88 cards to send to him! :D  (As of this morning, I've received 20!)  Enlist friends, kids, grandkids, nieces/nephews, parents, colleagues, and fellow artists & MailArtists too of course!
Good ol' fashioned humor and birthday wishes, as well as anything Italian will be a hit! Cards or postcards only, no envelopes or postage stamps needed.
So if you are wonderfully willing, feel free to MailArt up some 88th Birthday wishes and send them to me at my mailing address below, to reach me by Tuesday, February 16 at the latest please (I'll be sending a big Bday MailArt package!):
PapaVisione via GinaVisione 
165 1/2 Chattanooga St. 
San Francisco, CA 94114-3438 USA
You all are awesome ‼️ Thanks for considering, & for sharing some birthday love for PapaVisione. Feel free to share with other MailArtists who'd like to join in the fun (but NO Facebook requests please, thanks)!
Mille Grazie ~ 

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arts4all said...

What a cool idea! Happy to participate ;-}

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