Saturday, February 20, 2016

Illustrated Letter swap - due March 21st

ILLUSTRATED LETTER SWAP - hosted by Joanne   

This swap plays with letters and typography

1. Pick a word to “illustrate.”
“Love,” “Hope” and “MMSA” are always nice, but you may have more fun with quirky things like “chef,” “sock,” “donut” or “Iowa.”

2. Decide how big each letter will be (somewhere between “playing card” size and “regular postcard” size).

3. Illustrate each letter however you choose.

4. Prepare a note and a suitable envelope for each swap partner. Note: Each “word” needs a separate mailing envelope (i.e., if you’re submitting three words, you need three envelopes, since they will go to three, different addresses.)

5. Affix the correct postage. Lumpy, large or very stiff letters may need a padded envelope, or extra postage. Check with your post office if you’re in doubt. Include your return address on EACH envelope.

6. Put everything in each envelope as you will want them mailed, but DO NOT SEAL. I will need to photograph each word when it arrives.

My demo (“PENS”) was done on cardstock (probably the “flimsiest” type of paper that one should use for this swap), and are 3” tall, since that corresponded to the stencil set that I had. However, stencils aren’t necessary for this swap. If you have a computer and printer, you can print out letter “patterns” at whatever size you need.

  • You may create as many as four words (just make sure each word has it's own envelope)
  • Pay extra attention to postage as it may cost a bit more than usual if your letters are heavy or lumpy
  •  Make sure to include one address label for each word/envelope to create.
  • Put your envelope(s) in a larger envelope and mail to Joanne no later than March 21st.

Joanne McCabe
9965 208th St W.
Lakeville, MN 55044-8815

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