Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Zodiac Postcards – Due February 8th

Another brave soul volunteers to host!  Long time swapper, Phillip Lerche, is hosting a postcard swap with the theme “Zodiac”

Interpret the theme any way you wish, using any technique, style and materials.  The due date coincides with the start of the lunar new year (which happens to be the year of the Monkey.)

You may create up to 4 postcards for this swap.  Have fun with it, and get your cards in the mail by February 8th

Important reminders for a successful swap:

It’s a sad thing when you put a ton of time and effort into creating your art for a swap and you don’t get something in return.  Our hosts are diligent about getting all the postcards back out in the mail to their new owners, but sometimes postal mishaps occur and items get lost in the mail.  There are several things YOU, the artist, can do to prevent this:

·     Put proper postage on your postcards before you send them to your host.  If you’re going to use a postcard stamp (currently $.35) you card must not be larger than 4”x6”. This is important - please don’t just estimate this.   Get out your ruler and measure your card.  If it’s bigger than 4”x6” you need a “forever” stamp ($.49)  Insufficient postage is a short road to the dead letter office.  Make sure your mail is deliverable and take the extra moment to measure your card size. (And if your card isn’t a rectangle -if it’s square or round or another funky shape - you’re going to need $.71 postage.  No joke.)  You can find all the US postage rules and a handy postal calculator here: http://postcalc.usps.gov/
When in doubt, add more postage! 

·       It’s incredibly helpful if you put your return address on the cards you create.  That way, should there be a postal mishap, your card will come back to you instead of being lost and undeliverable. 

·     Your host will send these postcards to their new homes “naked” (without an envelope) so make sure they are not too thick or lumpy and make sure everything is glued down securely.

·     Include address labels in the envelope you send to your host– these will be used to mail your new cards to you.  This way your host does not have to read your handwritten address and write it on the cards (increasing the possibility of an address error).  Plus, it saves your host a ton of time.


arts4all said...

WOW!! Thanks to all the new hosts (and to you, Karen for facilitating this new bunch of swaps!) Seems like great fun, every one..... now, where to begin ;-}

FinnBadger said...

Can't wait to see what you and other swappers create!

Unknown said...

I'm very excited to participate! This will be my first official "theme swap"

FinnBadger said...

Glad you like this theme. I'm looking forward to receiving your cards.

Unknown said...

Just sent out today! Fingers crossed you get it by the 8th!!!!

FinnBadger said...

The 8th was actually the mailing deadline, rather than the arriving deadline. And your fab cards did indeed make it in good time. The cards will be going out in the last week or so of February.

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