Tuesday, December 8, 2015

"New Techniques" - part 2

 You are an adventurous group!  The new techniques in this batch include:
  • collage materials such as shredded paper, sheetrock tape and napkins
  • modeling paste with stencils 
  • tea spatters
  • food color marbling
  • pencil drawing
  • salt & watercolor
  • alcohol & paint
  • watercolor resist techniques using crayon and rubber cement

Four from Beau:

Four from Ellen:

Four from Linda:

 Four from Nancy S:

Four from Patti:

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Unknown said...

I do have a third batch of New Technique cards still to post, so if you don't see yours yet, don't panic. There's more to come, I promise! I'm just allowing a bit extra mailing time, in case there are any stragglers on their way, that I haven't received yet. -- Joanne

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