Thursday, June 18, 2015

Silver Muse - part 1

Honi is excited to report that the Silver Muse postcards have started arriving in her mailbox.  It's working really well to have her photograph the cards and email me the images.  This guest-hosting thing might be a great solution to my limited ability to host things myself.

So here's the first batch of silver art....

Four from Care:

Three from Claudia:

Four from Ellen:

Four from Honi:

One from Patricia:

Two from Peggy:

Still plenty of time to get in on this swap.
You need to mail your cards to Honi by July 3rd.
Swap details are here.

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karenm said...

All of these cards are beautiful, with touches of glitter, gloss, and other whispery loveliness. Silver adds another dimension to the art. Such wonderful tributes to a fun mail-art friend. Thank you for hosting and posting, Honi and Karen! I haven't had time to make anything in ages, but it is always a pleasure to see the fabulous cards.

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