Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mail Art call and artist interview

Hello lovelies!
Since I won't be swapping here as often, I want to promote other artists who are hosting swaps, or putting out calls for mail art.  I'm a strong believer in using deadlines and themes to move your creativity forward.

I got a lovely email from Janel at Pinky Post, in which she introduced herself by way of this Q&A.  Janel sponsors mail art calls and turns the submissions into zines.  Her current theme is "All About Hair" and the deadline is February 28th.

Meanwhile, here's more about Pinky herself!

Q: Tell us about yourself
A: I live in California, USA, I am an Artist who likes photography, collage, pen and ink, I love dogs and have two of them. 

Q: When did you become interested in art?
A: After my dad bought me a Canon T-70 for my birthday, and in 8th grade I took a class in black and white photography.  I was hooked!  I have a BA in Art from Cal state, long beach, CA and was an exchanged student in photography and painting at Wolverhampton, England 

Q: What has your “art journey” been like? 
A: Like a starving artist...

Q: Describe the space where you create 
A: I have my second bedroom as a studio 

Q: How do you make time for art in your busy life? 
A: I  mostly create at nite, seems to be my most creative time, so I do not get enough sleep!!!! 

Q: Why do you create?  
A: I have to create, it's who I am, I feel incomplete with out it.   

Q: How does it enrich your life?  
A: I've met so many creative people because of the internet, it makes me feel not so alone in my studio, it's like all of us are in our little studios like hermit. haha, that come together via technology. 

Q: What’s your favorite thing about swapping or sending mail art?  A: Sharing it is my favorite thing, it just goes out there like a traveling show 

Q: Where can we find out more about you and your work? 
A: I have a website/blog  (it's in its beginning stages) at pinkypostzine.wordpress.com

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Lois Moore said...

So sorry you won't be holding as many swaps. I know your own life and new job must come first. But I do hope you will be able to manage a swap every month or two as they are among my favorites. Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year.

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