Friday, April 11, 2014

Transparent layers - part 2

These transparent cards are so fun, and so are your notes and comments.  Some of you are quite familiar and comfortable with these techniques, while for others this is completely new and challenging.
Everyone has risen to the challenge and had a good time with it!

I included info on your transparent layers, either based on what you wrote on your card, or based on my best guess from looking at it.

Three from Alyssa:
(looks like she used envelope windows, tissue paper and vellum/tracing paper)

 Four from Care:
(using transparent markers, fusing fabric, netting, the wrapper from graham crackers and packing tape transfers)

 Three from Christie:
(using layers of painted deli sheets)

One from Dana: 
(the stripes are layers of something like vellum)

 Three from Janice:
(using tissue paper transfer and encaustic techniques)

Four from Linda: 
(Linda sandwiched lots of cool things between her gelatin print backgrounds and packing tape layer on top)

Four from Nora: 
(using napkins, deli paper, transparencies, pieces of hexagon shaped plastic, rub on letters)

 Two from Peggy:
(using transparent markers, envelope window, and  another transparent layer I couldn't identify)

One from Eric:
(which features colorful transparent triangles which float loosely under a clear plastic covering, allowing them to move around and overlap and create new colors)

More to come!


FinnBadger said...

Eric's is very clever, and Nora's are stunning. I am sure they look even better in person, as i found my own transparency cards didn't scan as well as the real thing at all.

Tricia said...

love the one from Eric!

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