Monday, April 14, 2014

Brown and Blue postcards - part 1

Our current color combination challenge is Brown and Blue.
Even though the deadline isn't until April 21st, I've received quite a few cards so far.  I thought I'd share the early arrivals to inspire you!

Three from Carla:

Four from Cathy:

Four from Honi:

four from Jan from Washington: 
(we suddenly have a lot of name duplication here at MMSA.  We have two people names Jan H., Two named Lynn B., and two named Rhonda H.  To distinguish them from each other, I'm adding the state they are from)

One from Janice:

One from Laura: 
(I just found out Laura is blogging - go check it out!)

Four from Lynn:

Two from Pam:

Three from Peggy:

Four from Sherry:

One from Tammy:

Whenever possible, I link the artist's name to their blog, flickr, facebook, etc.
If you want to be linked to something and I haven't been doing it, just let me know!

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Jo Murray said...

It's always so interesting to see how different people approach the same prompt.

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