Friday, September 27, 2013

Tri-fold ATCs part 2

Here are some more fabulous tri-fold ATCs.
I was getting nervous that no one else was going to join this swap, but there's been a flurry of activity in the last few days.

As I did last time, I'll show you what the card looks like in it's folded 2"x3" state, what it looks like unfolded and flattened, and what it looks like standing up.

First up...
This beauty from Anne:

 Carroll plays hide and seek with the seasons:

 Here's one from Ellen.  I've also included a shot of the lovely backside:

This one from Jan is embellished with
ribbon and metal and jewels and a dimensional flower.

Here are two from Joyce, who writes that fellow swapper Christie created the folding base of her cards for her.  How's that for an MMSA partnership?
The artwork is all her own:



Here are two from Julie:

Leslie celebrates Flower Power:

 Here's a series of three from Susie:


 If you tried this process, what did you think of it?  Were you challenged by the measuring, cutting, folding aspect of it?  Were you challenged by the design elements?
Share your experience!


big mamabird said...

Yes, I was!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that if Christie hadn't been kind enough to send me the already cut and folded cards, I wouldn't have tried to make my own...she also sent me the template and I haven't attempted using it yet. Doing the art on it wasn't really a problem, or at least no more so than a regular postcard, once I decided what to do.

Maybe we should try these again sometime? And maybe if we do, I'll make my own cards. Maybe....


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