Sunday, September 1, 2013

Purple postcards part 1

 I'm swimming in a sea of purple.
Glorious purple.
With the fastest turnaround time ever, you guys sent in 75 purple cards.  I will break them into 3 posts over the next few days.
Here is the first beautiful bunch!

3 from Care

5 from Carlene:

1 from Chris:

2 from Christie:

2 from Colleen:

6 from Currie:

4 from Ellen:

1 from Eric:


karenm said...

Absolutely lovely cards! Purple seems to suit Currie's signature giraffes especially. They're all fantastic, and Carlene's "Let the Kid Draw" is wonderfully bright and playful. Karen, I hope your weekend has been relaxing with lots of time to sleep. I agree; the re-entry to school feels a bit rough and startling. Where did the summer go?

big mamabird said...

lovely lovelies!

Anonymous said...

These are so pretty.

I was so surprised to see the purple tree that Chris turned in, and when you see my entries for the tree theme, you'll see why, lol. Our style of tree is very, very similar. And a LOT of fun to draw, as well!!


Anonymous said...

Love the purple hues. Gotta get back in the swing....been out of touch for a bit. xox

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