Saturday, August 3, 2013

Envelopes - part 2

Awesome, awesome envelopes from new and old swappers alike.

Here's a batch from Andria:

Anne joins MMSA for the first time with these lovely envelopes:

Here are seven from Christie:

and 8 from Colleen:

Currie sent these four:

Hester sent these three in her first MMSA swap

Linda W. is another first time swapper and sent five envelopes

And Michele jumped into MMSA with both feet - sending 12!

Finally, Noel is back for more fun with these 3:

A big warm welcome to our new swappers!

Want some gorgeous envies in your mailbox? 
You've still got lots of time to join in on this one.
The "mail by" date is August 12th.


Trula said...

Wow! I love all of these. I must say though, I think that my favorites are Anne's envelopes. The colors and lines are wonderful!

Michele C. said...

Omg, my first mail art swap, and first time pictured on a blog! So excited, thanks for hosting! :)

Michele C. said...

OMG - my first mail art swap and first time pictured on a blog! Thanks for hosting! :)

Linda Gibbons said...

These are fabulous! I can't even remember how many I sent, but I hope I get some of these!

Anonymous said...

Eeeks! I forgot about this one! Hmm...I wonder if I still have a chance to get some made and mailed out!
Beautiful work! Everyone here is so very talented!

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