Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Put a fish on it - part 1

Check out all the fabulous fish postcards that have swum into my mailbox recently!

two from Cara:

One from Carolyn:

four from Christie: 

Eight from Currie: 

One from Eric: 

Two from Honi: 

Two from Jan H.

One from Jean: 

Two from Joyce: 

Three from Laurie: 

One from Lynn:

Three from Marsie: 

One from Noel: 

First time swapper Rose made a splash with seven cards:
(welcome Rose - I'm glad you found us!) 

Four from Terrie: 


Linda Gibbons said...

Oh these are wonderful!
Mine went into the mail yesterday. I'm glad you're doing the swapping, Karen, because I could NEVER decide.

Anonymous said...

Love 'em all!!

Laurie..."A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle???"


Anonymous said...

oh these are wonderful. I am going to get mine in the mail today and you do such a wonderful job Karen, with organizing all these swaps.

Anonymous said...

Some fantastic fish out there swimming around. xox

Helgadeb said...

These are terrific! I wish I got mine in! I started some but didn't finish in time. Some of you just might get an extra fish in the mail!

Anonymous said...

from karenm, not anonymous. Some sort of a posting hiccup.

Fabulous, fabulous fish cards! Love the range of styles, from Curie's rich colors to Jean's magical scene, Honi's dramatic black and white to Joyce's humor (salmon!) to Rose's textures. All of the cards are wonderful and inspirational. I have been too busy to join any swaps this summer but enjoy seeing all the marvelous ideas. Thank you, Karen!

Unknown said...

I never cease to be amazed by the amazing variety that come from a singular theme! These are fabulous!!

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