Saturday, July 13, 2013

Painted papers - part 4

I'm working my way through the scanning of the enormous stack of mail that arrived over the last two days.  Sheet after sheet of delicious hand painted paper.
I love this job so much - being able to open all this mail and lovingly study all our your work.  It's inspiring.  I always come away with new ideas.

Here are six papers from Carlene:

and three from Gina: 

Welcome to first time swapper, Sarah,
who sent these three lovely papers:

Terrie sent us six sheets:

and here are three from Tina: 


Linda Gibbons said...

How yummy!

big mamabird said...

So much goodness!

Anonymous said...

Yum goodness. xox

GinaVisione said...

They are all so fabulous! My favs of this bunch (I think :D) are the first of Carlene & Tina, & the last of Sarah and Terrie. WIsh I sent more to get more (greedy girl :D) fabulousness!

Jo Murray said...

Great papers...sorry I couldn't join in.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful group of papers! I'm so excited about receiving some!!

iHanna said...

What a fun swap idea this is!

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