Thursday, July 4, 2013

painted papers - part 2

Here's a really cool thing.  A group of four Florida artists, who meet and make art together on a regular basis, spent an afternoon making gelatin prints for the MMSA painted paper swap.

I already posted the beautiful papers from Gina and Jackie earlier this week (before I realized they knew each other!) and below are the papers from the other artists in the group.

These three are from Belinda:

and these three are from Elizabeth:


I love knowing that these four women were all together working on this swap.
I need to connect with my local art friends more often!

And speaking of local art friends....
Here are some beautiful papers from Corrine:

 And here are some great papers from Joyce:

You still have a few more days to paint papers.
They need to be in the mail by Monday July 8th.


Anonymous said...

Oh, this will be a fun one. Painted papers are my latest passion. Mine went out on Monday, 7/1.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Karen for your kind words. We had a great time playing with our Gelli plates and making pages for the swap.


Anonymous said...

Yes connecting is always good, you never know where the muse will take you in a group. xox

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