Saturday, July 6, 2013

Handmade envelope swap - due August 12

Back by popular demand- we're swapping handmade envelopes!

Don't know how to make an envelope?
Don't worry.
In a very special "Mail Art Monday", guest host Pamela will be teaching you a super easy way to make your own.
Did I say easy?  I mean easy.
And any of you who have ever had the good fortune of getting mail from Pamela will know how awesome her easy envelopes are.

So come back on Monday for some advice and inspiration.
For now, just mark your calendars. 

***It's up!  Click here!***

Swap details:
  • Make as many envelopes as you like.  The minimum size is 3.5 x 5 inches (anything smaller is too small to mail) but otherwise the size and dimensions are up to you.  Put them in a big envelope and mail them to me.  You will get the same number of envelopes (from different people) in return that can you use to mail fabulous letters, or tuck in your journal to hold treasures. 
  • Construct them from old calendars, maps, sturdy magazine pages, scrapbook paper, your own painted papers...  

  • Embellish them a bit – you can use tape, stamps, collage, stickers, labels, paint, etc. 

  •  Stick a little note or business card inside each envelope with your name and contact info so that the recipients know who made each envelope.

  • Include Postage.  Before you seal your big envelope, go to the post office and find out how much it’s going to cost to mail it.  Include that many stamps or that much cash in the envelope, or send me that amount of money via paypal (
  • Include an address label with your name and address.  I will try and reuse the big envelope you send to me, so you don't need to include an extra mailer.

  •  Postmark them by August 12th.  Karen Isaacson, PO Box 532, Shrewsbury, MA 01545. 


Anonymous said...

Can I swap? I live in the Netherlands.

Anonymous said...

I clicked on the envelope tutorial, but didn't find it. Only photos of envelopes not how to make them. Did I miss something?


Karen Isaacson said...

Hi Carol,
The tutorial was posted a few days later - on Monday.
Here's the link:
I'll add it to the above. Sorry for the confusion!

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