Friday, January 25, 2013

Under the Sea Swap - February 18th

Many thanks to Untingly for suggesting this idea:
Create an original piece of art related to the theme “Under the Sea”

Size guidelines:
minimum size – 2.5 inches between any two points
maximum size – 7 inches between any two points

This means you could create an ATC (Artist Trading Card) which has the traditional dimensions of 2.5 x 3.5 inches.
Or you could use the common dimensions of frames (4x6 inches or 5x7 inches)
Or create something square, or round, or oblong.
It doesn’t matter as long as the work is within the above dimensions.

Create your work on something sturdy – heavy water color paper, or cardboard, or canvas board.  I’m not limiting what you use, but I’m suggesting something sturdy and attractive enough that your recipient could proudly and easily display your work.

Anything goes!  Painting, drawing, collage, mixed media.  Whatever inspires you and makes you happy.  How you interpret the theme is up to you as well.

Within the US:  Put your work in a suitable protective envelope and calculate the amount it will cost to mail to me.  Include that same amount of postage or cash inside the envelope so that I can mail your piece to your partner.  You can also send me postage money via paypal (
Outside of the US:  It’s harder to calculate postage since I don’t know the size or weight of what I’ll be sending back to you.  Email me at and we can discuss an appropriate amount based on where you live and the average cost of getting a large envelope from the US to  you.

·      Create a fabulous original piece of art.  (No prints please)
·      Sign your work and include a little note for your partner with your contact information so that they may thank you.
·      Put it in an envelope with postage (see above) and a label with your name and address on it.  I will stick this to the package I’m sending you.  If you don’t have any labels, just send a label-shaped piece of paper with your name and address on it and I will tape it to your envelope.  By including a label it saves me the time of writing everyone’s info by hand, and keeps me from making mistakes when I decipher your handwriting and copy your address.
·      Get it in the mail by Monday, February 18th
  • Send it to :  Karen Isaacson, PO Box 532, Shrewsbury, MA 01545 (United States)


big mamabird said...

oh boy..!

Parabolic Muse said...

This sounds like so much fun!
Get ready.

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