Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blue postcards part 3

Here are the latest batch of blue postcards.

Carroll clearly doesn't have the blues out of her system yet, she sent in two more postcards with lots of great stitching on them:

 Katie also added stitching to her wonderful cards:

 Polly sent three lovely watercolor cards.  The scan does not do the subtle beauty of this first one justice:

 The last of today's cards came from Leslie:

Another wonderful batch of mail!


TinaW said...

The I forgot you don't like cats is hilarious!

Jo Murray said...

They are all such different techniques...each lovely in its own way.

Lesa said...

Wow, so much art! Thanks so much for sharing all these goodies!

Anonymous said...

It feels just like the post cards outside today, cold and blue....what a wonderful art-sortment of goodies.xox

big mamabird said...

ya, cold and blue...i just got done with winter..!

big mamabird said...

ps...big mamabird would be me...carroll

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