Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gift tags - part 3

I have emerged from my pie-coma and can get back to the business of posting these gorgeous gift-tags for the swap.

These five are from Katie:

And this next bunch is from Kellie.  She used large size paint samples as the base of her tag:

Marsie made these sweet square ones that open:
 I love the beads on the cord.
 Marsie also made this batch of tags that feature a recipe on the backside.  She has asked me to send five recipients one of each of her tags.

Here are Shirley's tags:

This last batch is from Silvia.  They all have really cool baubles on them (which means they don't lay flat on the scanner so please forgive the slight blurriness.  I assure you they aren't blurry in person)


Anonymous said...

ooh festive all and so different, love em. xox

Anonymous said...

Oh I am glad you received them. was a bit worried

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing your art in the gift tag swap at MMSA. I received the adorable reindeer tag and I love it. Hope that you are enjoying your holidays and hope to see you in 2013 at MMSA.

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