Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bookmarks part 2

The two bookmarks below are from Cara.  They're made of fabric (and her note explains that they are "cat proof")

These two are from Chris:

And these two are from Christine:

Here are both sides of Dori's first bookmark:
(text on the front says "pretty" and on the back "our little sister dressed herself"

And here are the front and back of Dori's second bookmark:
(How does your garden grow?  With cockle shells and silver bells)

 These two are from Ellen:

 and these three are from Jean:

These are the fronts of Leslie's bookmarks.  She mentions on her blog that the woman on the right with the baby pig is her mom.

 These are the backs of Leslie's cards:

 Polly is swapping with MMSA for the first time and wrote that these delicate leaf images are prints of actual leaves.

 Here are two from Steph:

 and here are two from Tina:
Sam's are amazing and totally unique:
Here's a close up of the little flower:
Here's how you use it in your book:

 Beautiful work everyone!
(and as always, if you have a link to your work that you'd like me to share, just send me a message and I'll add it to the post)


karenm said...

Loving all the very different and vibrant colors and images. Such a treat after a very long day. Thanks especially to Leslie for the chuckle. There's nothing like seeing a lady with a brilliant smile and a sweet baby pig!

Unknown said...

Polly - I received the dark blue printed leaf bookmark that you submitted for the swap. It is so delicate and pretty. I love it. Best wishes and hope to see more of your art in the new year.

dori said...

Sam--i have failed at getting your email correct...to send you a thanks for the bookmark that i received...thank you, i love it!

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