Friday, August 3, 2012

Monochromatic postcards - part 4

The remaining post cards are here!
Take a look at these beauties.
I'll swap them all tonight and drop them in tomorrow's mail to you all.

The next two are from Chris at Parabolic Muse

and the last two are from Dori
(who we should really convince to start a blog)

look really closely at this purple one, there are beautiful ghostly faces in the background.


Cameron said...

These are great!

Anonymous said...

Yummy, they continue to be so beautiful, I vote for another go round on this one.....xox

Patricia Petersen said...

Love them all. Dori's are beautiful. The verse on the purple one reminds me of a rock I painted for a friend with the verse "Time Spent With Friends Is Time Well Spent" with painted flowers and butterflies. Can't wait to see more postcards other people made.

Terrie said...

I received my cards today and they make me happy, happy! Thanks Karen for organizing and managing all these swaps!

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