Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wheels Part 4

 Carol sent two very cool cards and told me I get to keep one. (yippee!)
So I'm swapping the first and keeping the second. (thanks Carol)

Funny story #1:
This sweet Radio Flyer ATC seen below is from Corrine.
It's her first ever ATC and her note said she found it really challenging.  She sealed it in an envelope and apologized that I wouldn't be able to see it.  BUT, I simply couldn't stand it.  And since I've actually met the lovely Corrine in person, I felt I could take a chance and open the envelope.  And then I emailed her and confessed and asked if I could post it and she graciously said yes. 
Because look - it's great.  And I think it does us all a world of good to try things outside of our comfort zone and usual style.  We learn stuff about ourselves - even if all we learn is "I hate making ATCs" at least we know that now.  And I love showing a wide variety of styles and interpretations because I think it encourages more people to join the swaps.


Funny story #2:
Kerri and I are in the same Swap-bot group and have mutual mail art friends.  She just learned of MMSA and enthusiastically jumped  right in with two wheels cards.
Except, she thought it was a postcard swap instead of an ATC swap.
So I emailed her and we had a really good laugh about it and I told her I wanted to post them anyway just because they are cool looking and she said if you want to put them up on the blog, feel free to add "sadly she cannot reach the end of paragraphs."
 LOL.  I'm mailing these out to some lucky folks just for fun and I'm going to send something to Kerri in return.  Because awesome art and enthusiasm should not go unrewarded.


Carol said...

yay the arrived!! and yay, you like your ATC! :D

Anonymous said...

I guess we all have to just jump in and do it. Follow my own advice eh!! I love those first two for their ethereal wheels an.d the car post cards rock! xox

Steph Dodson said...

Corrine, I love your ATC! I hope you feel encouraged to make more.

Yayyyy, Kerri! The pc's are awesome...Chevelles are my favorite classic cars!

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