Saturday, July 28, 2012

Monochromatic postcards - part 2

It was an awesome mail day!
Look at all the beautiful cards that arrived.
Always thrilled to see some new folks join the group, too.

Cara sent these three:

and here's two from Leslie:

Gina cut up "a bland ghost monotype print of her old philodendron" and used it as the base of these six postcards:

Corrine says she decided at the last minute to do at least one mono
(and I say, last minute?  that would be mailing it today, not 3 days early!)

The next two are from Pat.  The smudgy parts are where I digitally "smooshed" her personal info.  The lucky recipients will actually get to read her message and email address.

These last three are from Lorinda:

 Thanks, everyone, for such a fabulous group of cards.
It made sustaining my first postal injury completely worthwhile.


Anonymous said...

Mail art score! Maybe monochromatic should be on the menu again. These all rock. xox

TaylorMaide said...

I agree with Corrine! These are wonderful. Hate that I missed out this time.

Cameron said...

Looks like fun being Mistress of the Mail :)

Carol said...

Gina's monoprint isn't bland at all! I received one of her postcards! weeeeee! I love MMSA! Thanks Karen

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