(This Post Card backing is just a sample, not a required template.  I print out something similar on full-sheet white labels for my own use.) 

At the risk of repeating information found under other tabs, here are some pointers for participating in group swaps and making/exchanging mail art.  I may add to this as I think of necessary information.

To see what we've already done as far as themed group swaps, click on the Archived Group Swaps tab at the top of the Home Page and open any one of them.


For one-on-one swaps between you and another swapper, check the Informal Exchange Sign-Up tab and pick some one.  You can also check the Wanna Swap page.  The format and theme are up to both of you to determine or- anything goes.  

To start swapping within a group setting, check out the Active Swaps (tab at top of Home Page) and read the descriptions to find one that sounds like fun. 


  • Read the description very carefully and completely before starting.
  • Post Cards are to be no larger than 6" wide, 4+1/4" high.  Exceptions will require more postage to send.
  • Artists' Trading Cards measure 3+1/2" x 2+1/2" and are mailed in envelopes (as are Altered Tags, Inchies, Twinchies, Bookmarks, Artists' Trading Coins, Mini-Zine,s etc.).
  • You provide postage for each piece you send in, and your own address labels to be affixed to the new pieces you anticipate receiving from your assigned swap partners.  You will get one card, etc. for each piece you send in.
  • Extra postage is required for thick, stiff, irregularly shaped, or oversized pieces of mail.
On the back of each PC, please include your own address in the upper LEFT-hand corner.  Leave room on the RIGHT side for a postage stamp and your eventual swap partner's mailing address.  Do not put anything in the LOWER LEFT side of the post card.  (We're talking about the back of the card, not the art side.)

The "Postmark By" date is the latest date you should take your mail art to the post office.  If postage is questionable, allow a counter clerk to weigh and measure it.  Otherwise, any insufficient postage will probably be required from your swap partner, which is not so good for happy swapping.

Outside postal drop boxes are susceptible to moisture (snow, rain, fog) which may damage your art.  Yet another reason to safely hand your mail art to a clerk behind a postal counter.

Processing of each Group Swap may take from 2 - 3 weeks after the swap POSTMARK-BY DATE, as we wait for everyone's mail art to arrive.  Then the Swap Host sends out your swapped mail art.  Mail delivery to you may take from 1 - 2 weeks.  Or longer.  Especially for international swappers. 

Feel free to CONTACT ME with any questions, concerns or suggestions.  Honi

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