How to be featured here

Would you like to be one of our featured artists?
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.
Send your story via email to
Attach some photos - perhaps a picture of yourself, your art space, examples of your work, etc.

Here are some questions to get you started.  Feel free to pick and choose from this list, and add anything else you feel like sharing.
  • Tell us about yourself  (Include any or all of the following: name, where you live, age, occupation, family members, pets, hobbies and interests in addition to art)
  • When did you become interested in art and or crafts?
  • Do you have any formal training or education in art? 
  • What has your “art journey” been like?
  • What kinds of things do you like to make, and/or what kind of materials do you like to use?
  • Describe the space where you create.
  • How do you make time for art in your busy life?
  • Why do you create?  How does it make you feel?  How does it enrich your life?
  • What do you wish you knew when you started your creative journey?
  • What’s your favorite thing about swapping or sending mail art?
  • What would you like to learn next?
  • Where can we find out more about you and your work?

Feeling shy and nervous?  Read this post to hear me explain all the reasons you shouldn't feel that way.

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